Get Your Points

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Connect Your WalletPelagus Wallet is recommended, you can use it.
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Claim Your PointsYou can claim your points once every 24 hours.
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Collect Points Regularly, Increase Your MultiplierCollect points regularly and increase your multiplier value.
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Special Multiplier for Special DaysEarn more points with varying multipliers on event and activity days.
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More Points, More RewardsIncrease your reward potential by staying active

How does it work?

1. Earn Points:

  • Users can claim points once every 24 hours. This is an automated process determined by the system and requires active participation from the users.
  • To earn points, you can use the Claim Points button each day. This action requires that at least 24 hours have passed since your last points claim.

2. Multiplier System:

  • User Multiplier: Each user has an initial multiplier, and this value can increase with consecutive days of activity. If a user fails to claim points on any given day, the multiplier value decreases.
  • Special Multipliers: An administrator-defined multiplier can affect users point calculations on specific events and special days. When this multiplier is active, all users multiplier values are impacted.

3. Double Points:

  • Earn 2x points with a dose of creativity! Create engaging content about Quanion every day, tag @quanionxyz and use the hashtag #quanion.